Orthopedic Wonders

Augment Mobility.

Leg&airy is where the magic of innovation meets the warmth of compassion.

We are transforming the world of neuro-orthopedic care into a realm of limitless possibilities and renewed hope.

Our mission is to work with patients directly to support their specific needs.

Our vision is of a world where mobility is transparent and equal for every person.

Coming Soon

An Unparalleled Experience.

Our orthopedic wonders are all designed and manufactured in-house by a dedicated team of designers, artists, and prosthetic experts.

Our interactive system and ordering catalogue will be available soon. Please contact us via WhatsApp or Email for inquiries, partnerships, and demos.

Leg&airy Hardware

Lightweight braces and prosthetics built to match the wearers personality and lifestyle.


Powered by LEG&AI, LEG&OS augments the patient and partner experience.

Leg&airy Systems.

Using our proprietary Scan-Fit-Print system, we shortened the turnaround time for custom-built braces & orthotics from several months to a single week. All while providing a less invasive, more humane patient experience.

Scan the Patient

A dedicated LEG&airy Crew member meets with the patient and scan them, making a detailed digital twin of the affected area.

Fit the Product

Based on the patient's needs, we digitally modify one of our custom braces or orthotics to ensure a comfortable fit.

Print the Piece

Using sustainable materials, we 3D print and manufacture components in-house to ensure unparalleled quality in our products.

Everything from AI, to Zero-Contact.

At Leg&airy, we innovate at the speed of thought.

We are working behind the scenes on some truly magical products and services that augment our customer’s lives.

While we’re working on bringing these visions to life, please contact us at info@legandairy.com or WhatsApp to learn more about our existing product line.